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      I would like to touch on the subject of faith, faith has different meanings, according to how it is used and in the context that it is meant.


I will delve a little into religious faith, a belief in something that cannot be proven, all religions are someone else s ideas about reality as they see it or as they say they have been guided by some unknown entity or entity's.


These people or entity's have gone to great lengths and have gone into great details to explain their beliefs so they will be believed by others, because they believe it is very important.


In alot of cases, these beliefs have no clear authors and are said to have been written by someone other than Human, in all of these cases, none of it can be proven and has to be taken "as is" to be the truth.


'Well they all can't be right' a logical person would say, but it would be hard to argue that there is some wisdom in these words in all of the faiths, also it is hard to believe that some of these super natural events described in these literature's could possibly of happened as they seem to defy all logic of what we know as fact today.


Some of these religions and beliefs have just one author and some have many, some are human and others are above human, some believe in several Gods and others believe in just one God and in others, there are no God or gods, the diversity is great,


but what they all have in common is some wisdom and some common sense. It is not clearly understood why claims of unprovable supernatural events have occurred in these various scriptures,


is it to show the power that is held by them, or to put fear into the minds of the people so they will follow these beliefs? Or is it to make a story more interesting, or to make a point so that you will continue to read and study?


There is also the possibility that they really happened, this last assumption is what will cause a logical person in the 21st century to think that it is a fairy tale, after all, would it not be easier for god to just put his mighty hand down and stop the pharaoh and his warriors before he gets to Moses and his people instead of parting the red sea?,


maybe so, but it wouldn't make as good a story that would stick in your mind. I am not saying that this did not actually happen as it is told in the Holy Bible, but I am trying to present a logical alternative, that may cause disbelievers to look at things from a different perspective,


barring all of the supernatural events, there is still much common sense and wisdom to be found in the Bible and other religious and non religious beliefs. So why doesn't God just lower his mighty hand and point at all of us and fill the air with his mighty voice and say 'I AM HERE...BELIEVE IN ME!'


It is simple and yet complex, it is because of Faith, Faith is a powerful thing, faith is the cause of wars, it is also driven by love, many people have died in the name of their faith. The crusades were an embarrassing time for Christians, due to a fanatical view of faith.


If just a few passages would have been remembered and adhered to, it could have been mostly avoided, HELLO!, thou shall not kill, remember, we were all given free will and God said Vengeance is MINE...not ours. What happened to the love and tolerance?


I know that I have over simplified this, and back then, not all people could read or had access to books.....oh wait, the printing press had not even been invented yet, so there could be the excuse of ignorance or that blind raging faith was running amuck.


But now we are in the 21st century, everyone should be able to read, and books, paper and electronic are much more accessible, yet people still slaughter people because of what was written many years ago,


this is a blind illogical faith, seemingly from evil origins. True faith is driven by love and should have a positive influence on lives, to have this sort of faith, gives you a sense of power and structure in your life, it adds an important yet mysterious variable to your equation of life, it opens a door that you can not readily see and enables you to accomplish much more than you can imagine.


It does not require you to believe everything that you read literally, only the one thing that counts but cannot be proven. All of the rest is logical common sense. A decent amount of discrimination in what you read will go a long way towards filtering out truth from the stories that are filled with the dogma of the era it was written,


remember, most all of these scriptures were written by MAN, even though there was some sort of divine guidance at least in the beginning.


I understand that faith in one all powerful God or entity is the single most difficult concept for a logical human being to grasp, it requires a "leap" that many cannot do, it seems too silly to believe in something that cannot be proven, but in it's self is a very powerful idea that may be the one final thing that will allow you to 'move on' to the next adventure in your eternal spirits journey.

If it is proof that you need, the science community is actually bending in the way of "proof", well, not indisputable, but some great scientists are coming around to believe that there is a specific intelligent order to our existence and to our universe,


great mathematicians actually even have equations stating this, though their arguments may be compelling, they cannot be considered real proof in the sense of the word as you and I know it, yes there is much evidence that cannot readily be explained,


but God does not appear to us as we would expect or hope, probably the greatest proof that anyone on our planet has seen, is of Jesus Christ, with his unequaled wisdom and miracles and his sacrifice, the son of God who is one with his father, did many miraculous things witnessed by thousands.


He defied all logic and seemingly broke all of the laws of physics for the betterment of mankind, after all, his father made all of those laws, and who better to do this than his son.


Proof of Jesus Christs existence is out there and not just in the Bible, there are even hostile accounts of his existence from non believers that thought him a magician or fraud, yet they do acknowledge his existence and mention what he did and what happened to him.


It is not imperative to believe in God, to be a good person with good values, but personally, I believe it is the single most important and powerful concept to grasp in order to make the most out of your life.


Faith cannot be faked, you cannot just say that you believe in something, when in fact you really don't, you may fool people that you tell, but you will really be the one that is being fooled,


God will obviously know your true intentions, if you have lived a less than honorable life where you have cheated and stolen and lied, creating grief and discord for others throughout your life,


and you then learned that all you have to do to erase all of this bad is to believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of your sins, and if you would take him into your heart, everything will be forgiven, sounds like a great deal right?


But there is a catch, just saying it, doesn't make it so, it has to felt in in your heart, it has to be your true intention, there has to be an unwavering faith and no subterfuge of any kind for it to come to be.


In fact your life would have to completely change and stay changed in order for any of these promises to come to be, it isn't a get out of jail free card to save you at the eleventh hour when you realize all of the bad you have done all of your life,


it must be done NOW, and you must reverse your life completely and not revert to your old ways, it isn't something that you can keep in the back of your mind and use when you feel it is convenient,


you see, true faith is very powerful, but even people with true faith are not perfect, and still make mistakes, they have emotions, they say things that they don't always mean, they are human, it's their true intentions that are examined in the end.


I know if you are a Atheist or Naturalist or Buddhist or of a belief that does not include God, you probably think all of this is bunk, that there really is no point to all of this, that just blindly believing in something isn't going to save you,


this isn't exactly appropriate to add Buddhism in this category as Buddhists have faith in that they will reincarnate if their Karma justifies it, and they have broken down their rules to follow for different stages that their soul may follow in their pursuit to escape the reincarnations,


where as Naturalists conform more to scientific fact where nature is the way things are, this is closer to Taoism except for the supernatural stuff, Nature has a balance that strives to be maintained,


where for example if all of the predators are hunted to extinction, the animals that normally would be held in check, now run amuck until they surpass the food available and then begin to die off,


on the other hand if man were to hunt these animals to extinction, the predators would look elsewhere such as towns and prey on pets or children until they starve and are eliminated, Nature has a good system of balance that should not be messed with to extremes.


Now I have had a difficult time nailing down what an Atheist believes, I know that an atheist does not believe in God or deities and may believe in science and evolution, after all, we were all born atheists, and only acquired a religion or belief when our parents took us to church or just to fit in to society,


this does not mean that an Atheist is evil, anyone that knows the difference between right and wrong or good and bad can be from almost any belief or non-belief system, believing in evolution isn't wrong, just as in science, it's the information that man has gathered at this point in time which supports it's validity,


     I believe in evolution to a degree, natural selection, survival of the fittest are logical assumptions, there are plants that have mutated to protect themselves from being eaten to extinction by their predators and science has proven these theories again and again,


but there are things that science is still unable to explain and have not been able to replicate in the lab, most importantly Man,


that is why it is still called the "theory" of evolution, I have given an interpretation for the Bible that includes evolution, which essentially nullifies this so called inconsistency, and as for science, science is still relatively new,


and I am not quite ready to base my life on something that is in a continuous flux where theories are being dis proven and changed still so often,


there are still too many unknowns out there, things that just cannot be explained, so basically that puts God in the same category as science and evolution as far as I'm concerned, except God has been studied much longer than science and evolution,


true there are not any resounding proofs, but that is the nature of Faith.

And what is true faith anyways, some people have beliefs and some have faith and some people KNOW,


knowing, is vastly more superior than just having faith,


when you are an individual that has had experiences in their life that has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that there is a supreme intelligence out there, guiding you and listening to you, you would have true faith.


Now this person that has this so called true faith, you might think is delusional and is off their rocker, but as long as they aren't doing stupid things, wearing foil hats and hording truckloads of newspapers,


they have an immeasurable power, and an advantage over many material based individuals that live exclusively by the word of science.


There can also be a correlation made to instinct and or intuition, this same power as it is can be realized in a way that is less obvious, never the less, faith must be had to some extent to progress in any sort of spiritual life, be it faith in God or some higher power or at least in one's self.


What do we all have faith in really?

Our Materialistic societies have faith in the senses and what stimulates them, this is an inevitable thing that has to happen in order to live in a 3 dimensional existence on our planet,


the degree in which we wish to participate in these sorts of things are truly up to all of us since we have all been given free will,


faith in an all knowing entity or an energy, that has laws set up in the cosmos for humanity and all other forms of life, is a stretch, especially since there is no Material way to prove it's existence,


possibly by just not participating in all of the material indulgences, we can come closer to realizing what this mystery that we have faith in really is.


Humanities material existence has been increasing steadily for the last few hundred years, it has made our environment much easier to tolerate, with the invention of air conditioning and central heat, lives have become easier to a point,


electricity has enabled us to see in the dark, cook food at a faster rate and more easily, automobiles give us the ability to travel much easier than ever before, the list goes on, just the last 100 years have brought much convenience to many,


communication and entertainment have reached new heights and continue their climb, now our new generations take for granted cell phones and electricity, they are becoming complacent and are losing touch with nature and our true roots.


It is true that now a days you must have a cell phone to insure that you are not stranded somewhere if your vehicle quits, computers and the internet are great tools that have the ability to bring great knowledge to humanity and not just a bunch of mindless games of death and corruption.


Don't let your children forget where their roots truly come from, it isn't a bad thing for them to simulate a time of 100 years ago, or better yet 200 years ago for just only 24 hours, this will put in perspective their materialism, and will cause more of an appreciation for what they now have.


Reality Enlightenment and Truth is the name of this site and so far some faith has been talked about, a investigation into Enlightenment may be what is needed to continue here.


Enlightenment is a state of being, I am not talking about being enlightened to the latest football scores or to our nations political arena, I am talking about where your essence came from and what is expected of you during your life,


survival is always going to be first no matter how great your faith is, but falling in with the crowd mentality is not using your mind as it should be,


as an example, over the last few decades, many cities and ancient civilizations have been found under miles of water in our earth's oceans, this has thrown a monkey wrench into science and many religions, there is no reason to panic but just add this knowledge to your memory and to help put into perspective what you view as our state of reality,


it is a process that continues by enlightenment and using our intuition and some discrimination to filter beliefs towards our faiths to determine the closest thing to the truth that can be expected in the world in which we live.

There will be more to come very soon