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Alone, We are NOT

What is Faith


      I would like to touch on the subject of faith, faith has different meanings, according to how it is used and in the context that it is meant.


I will delve a little into religious faith, a belief in something that cannot be proven, all religions are someone else s ideas about reality as they see it or as they say they have been guided by some unknown entity or entities.


These people or entities have gone to great lengths and have gone into great details to explain their beliefs so they will be believed by others because they believe it is very important.


In a lot of cases, these beliefs have no clear authors and are said to have been written by someone other than Human, in all of these cases, none of it can be proven and has to be taken "as is" to be the truth.


'Well they all can't be right' a logical person would say, but it would be hard to argue that there is some wisdom in these words in all of the faiths, also it is hard to believe that some of these supernatural events described in this literature could possibly have happened as they seem to defy all logic of what we know as fact today.


Some of these religions and beliefs have just one author and some have many, some are human and others are above human, some belief in several Gods and others believe in just one God and in others, there are no God or gods, the diversity is great,


but what they all have in common is some wisdom and some common sense. It is not clearly understood why claims of unprovable supernatural events have occurred in these various scriptures,


is it to show the power that is held by them, or to put fear into the minds of the people so they will follow these beliefs? Or is it to make a story more interesting, or to make a point so that you will continue to read and study?


There is also the possibility that they really happened, this last assumption is what will cause a logical person in the 21st century to think that it is a fairy tale, after all, would it not be easier for God to just put his mighty hand down and stop the pharaoh and his warriors before he gets to Moses and his people instead of parting the red sea?,


maybe so, but it wouldn't make as good a story that would stick in your mind. I am not saying that this did not actually happen as it is told in the Holy Bible, but I am trying to present a logical alternative, that may cause disbelievers to look at things from a different perspective,


barring all of the supernatural events, there is still much common sense and wisdom to be found in the Bible and other religious and non-religious beliefs. So why doesn't God just lower his mighty hand and point at all of us and fill the air with his mighty voice and say 'I AM HERE...BELIEVE IN ME!'


It is simple and yet complex, it is because of Faith, Faith is a powerful thing, faith is the cause of wars, it is also driven by love, many people have died in the name of their faith. The crusades were an embarrassing time for Christians, due to a fanatical view of faith.


If just a few passages would have been remembered and adhered to, it could have been mostly avoided, HELLO!, thou shall not kill, remember, we were all given free will and God said Vengeance is MINE...not ours. What happened to the love and tolerance?


I know that I have oversimplified this, and back then, not all people could read or had access to books.....oh wait, the printing press had not even been invented yet, so there could be the excuse of ignorance or that blind raging faith was running amuck.


But now we are in the 21st century, everyone should be able to read, and books, paper, and electronics are much more accessible, yet people still slaughter people because of what was written many years ago,


this is a blind illogical faith, seemingly from evil origins. True faith is driven by love and should have a positive influence on lives, to have this sort of faith, gives you a sense of power and structure in your life, it adds an important yet mysterious variable to your equation of life, it opens a door that you can not readily see and enables you to accomplish much more than you can imagine.


It does not require you to believe everything that you read literally, only the one thing that counts but cannot be proven. All of the rest is logical common sense. A decent amount of discrimination in what you read will go a long way towards filtering out truth from the stories that are filled with the dogma of the era it was written,


remember, most all of these scriptures were written by MAN, even though there was some sort of divine guidance at least in the beginning.


I understand that faith in one all-powerful God or entity is the single most difficult concept for a logical human being to grasp, it requires a "leap" that many cannot do, it seems too silly to believe in something that cannot be proven, but in it's self is a very powerful idea that may be the one final thing that will allow you to 'move on' to the next adventure in your eternal spirits journey.

If it is proof that you need, the science community is actually bending in the way of "proof", well, not indisputable, but some great scientists are coming around to believe that there is a specific intelligent order to our existence and to our universe,


great mathematicians actually even have equations stating this, though their arguments may be compelling, they cannot be considered real proof in the sense of the word as you and I know it, yes there is much evidence that cannot readily be explained,


but God does not appear to us as we would expect or hope, probably the greatest proof that anyone on our planet has seen, is of Jesus Christ, with his unequaled wisdom and miracles and his sacrifice, the son of God who is one with his father, did many miraculous things witnessed by thousands.


He defied all logic and seemingly broke all of the laws of physics for the betterment of mankind, after all, his father made all of those laws, and who better to do this than his son.


Proof of Jesus Christ's existence is out there and not just in the Bible, there are even hostile accounts of his existence from non-believers that thought him a magician or fraud, yet they do acknowledge his existence and mention what he did and what happened to him.


It is not imperative to believe in God, to be a good person with good values, but personally, I believe it is the single most important and powerful concept to grasp in order to make the most out of your life.


Faith cannot be faked, you cannot just say that you believe in something, when in fact you really don't, you may fool people that you tell, but you will really be the one that is being fooled,


God will obviously know your true intentions, if you have lived a less than honorable life where you have cheated and stolen and lied, creating grief and discord for others throughout your life,


and you then learned that all you have to do to erase all of this bad is to believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of your sins, and if you would take him into your heart, everything will be forgiven, sounds like a great deal right?


But there is a catch, just saying it, doesn't make it so, it has to feel in your heart, it has to be your true intention, there has to be an unwavering faith and no subterfuge of any kind for it to come to be.


In fact, your life would have to completely change and stay changed in order for any of these promises to come to be, it isn't a get out of jail free card to save you at the eleventh hour when you realize all of the bad you have done all of your life,


it must be done NOW, and you must reverse your life completely and not revert to your old ways, it isn't something that you can keep in the back of your mind and use when you feel it is convenient,


you see, true faith is very powerful, but even people with true faith are not perfect, and still make mistakes, they have emotions, they say things that they don't always mean, they are human, it's their true intentions that are examined in the end.


I know if you are an Atheist or Naturalist or Buddhist or of a belief that does not include God, you probably think all of this is bunk, that there really is no point to all of this, that just blindly believing in something isn't going to save you,


this isn't exactly appropriate to add Buddhism in this category as Buddhists have faith in that they will reincarnate if their Karma justifies it, and they have broken down their rules to follow for different stages that their soul may follow in their pursuit to escape the reincarnations,


whereas Naturalists conform more to the scientific fact where nature is the way things are, this is closer to Taoism except for the supernatural stuff, Nature has a balance that strives to be maintained,


where for example if all of the predators are hunted to extinction, the animals that normally would be held in check, now run amuck until they surpass the food available and then begin to die off,


on the other hand, if a man were to hunt these animals to extinction, the predators would look elsewhere such as towns and prey on pets or children until they starve and are eliminated, Nature has a good system of balance that should not be messed with to extremes.


Now I have had a difficult time nailing down what an Atheist believes, I know that an atheist does not believe in God or deities and may believe in science and evolution, after all, we were all born atheists, and only acquired a religion or belief when our parents took us to church or just to fit in to society,


this does not mean that an Atheist is evil, anyone that knows the difference between right and wrong or good and bad can be from almost any belief or non-belief system, believing in evolution isn't wrong, just as in science, it's the information that man has gathered at this point in time which supports its validity,


     I believe in evolution to a degree, natural selection, survival of the fittest are logical assumptions, there are plants that have mutated to protect themselves from being eaten to extinction by their predators and science has proven these theories again and again,


but there are things that science is still unable to explain and have not been able to replicate in the lab, most importantly Man,


that is why it is still called the "theory" of evolution, I have given an interpretation for the Bible that includes evolution, which essentially nullifies this so-called inconsistency, and as for science, science is still relatively new,


and I am not quite ready to base my life on something that is in a continuous flux where theories are being disproven and changed still so often,


there are still too many unknowns out there, things that just cannot be explained, so basically that puts God in the same category as science and evolution as far as I'm concerned, except God has been studied much longer than science and evolution,


true there are not any resounding proofs, but that is the nature of Faith.

And what is true faith anyways, some people have beliefs and some have faith and some people KNOW,


knowing is vastly more superior than just having faith,


when you are an individual that has had experiences in their life that has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a supreme intelligence out there, guiding you and listening to you, you would have true faith.


Now this person that has this so-called true faith, you might think is delusional and is off their rocker, but as long as they aren't doing stupid things, wearing foil hats and hoarding truckloads of newspapers,


they have immeasurable power and advantage over many material based individuals that live exclusively by the word of science.


There can also be a correlation made to instinct and or intuition, this same power as it is can be realized in a way that is less obvious, never the less, faith must be had to some extent to progress in any sort of spiritual life, be it faith in God or some higher power or at least in one's self.


What do we all have faith in really?

Our Materialistic societies have faith in the senses and what stimulates them, this is an inevitable thing that has to happen in order to live in a 3-dimensional existence on our planet,


the degree in which we wish to participate in these sorts of things are truly up to all of us since we have all been given free will,


faith in an all-knowing entity or an energy, that has laws set up in the cosmos for humanity and all other forms of life, is a stretch, especially since there is no Material way to prove it's existence,


possibly by just not participating in all of the material indulgences, we can come closer to realizing what this mystery that we have faith in really is.


Humanities material existence has been increasing steadily for the last few hundred years, it has made our environment much easier to tolerate, with the invention of air conditioning and central heat, lives have become easier to a point,


electricity has enabled us to see in the dark, cook food at a faster rate and more easily, automobiles give us the ability to travel much easier than ever before, the list goes on, just the last 100 years have brought much convenience to many,


communication and entertainment have reached new heights and continue their climb, now our new generations take for granted cell phones and electricity, they are becoming complacent and are losing touch with nature and our true roots.


It is true that nowadays you must have a cell phone to ensure that you are not stranded somewhere if your vehicle quits, computers and the internet are great tools that have the ability to bring great knowledge to humanity and not just a bunch of mindless games of death and corruption.


Don't let your children forget where their roots truly come from, it isn't a bad thing for them to simulate a time of 100 years ago, or better yet 200 years ago for just only 24 hours, this will put in perspective their materialism, and will cause more of an appreciation for what they now have.


Reality Enlightenment and Truth is the name of this site and so far some faith has been talked about, an investigation into Enlightenment may be what is needed to continue here.


Enlightenment is a state of being, I am not talking about being enlightened to the latest football scores or to our nations political arena, I am talking about where your essence came from and what is expected of you during your life,


survival is always going to be first no matter how great your faith is, but falling in with the crowd mentality is not using your mind as it should be,


as an example, over the last few decades, many cities and ancient civilizations have been found under miles of water in our earth's oceans, this has thrown a monkey wrench into science and many religions, there is no reason to panic but just add this knowledge to your memory and to help put into perspective what you view as our state of reality,


it is a process that continues by enlightenment and using our intuition and some discrimination to filter beliefs towards our faiths to determine the closest thing to the truth that can be expected in the world in which we live.


So what is there to be enlightened about? Being enlightened about reality should be the cornerstone of our existence, our aspirations, for the most part, are based on materialism,


you want to make lots of money, buy lots of stuff, get married and have lots of children, this is the American dream for many, the reality is that we have all done this many times before, we are born,


we live and we die, then in a couple hundred years we do it again, the reason for this is to learn, to learn the difference in what is important and what is an indulgence, we need to realize that we are only temporarily here, we are all fragments of the ultimate universal consciousness,


and all of us are playing out every conceivable scenario, whether it be good or bad, mostly if it is good, we are on our way out of here and if it has been bad we have to come back to make it right,


when we realize what it is that we have been doing, it becomes much easier for everyone, we know what is expected of us and we discontinue the "mistakes" that have been keeping us here for so long.


All of our seeming realities consist of what we perceive with our senses, what we see in media and on the internet is our conception of reality, how people act in our civilization and our governments convey a supposed norm,


what is popular in entertainment and what is acceptable as decent and honorable actions in our societies is the standard that has been set for humanities actions,


if you really pay attention to what is important to people and their actions and ideals as they are revealed in our social behaviors in media and the internet,


Does it set a new precedent for pettiness, selfishness, and greed, whatever happened to humility and forgiveness? Our reality that we are currently creating is lacking greatly of the spiritual side of our natures and is dominated mostly from the material side of our natures,


not enough give and too much take will end up warping our general attitudes towards life, technology needs to be more spiritually based to start to even our playing fields in order for us to all evolve better feelings towards each other.


Getting up, making breakfast, going to work, going to lunch, working some more and after work, hanging with some friends or doing an activity alone or with friends, going home, eating dinner,


watch a show or two, take a shower and go to sleep. This is a basic schedule for a basic person in the USA, there are a few variables depending on age, time of year and location,


some people will work more, some people will party more and some people will expand their knowledge more, I was one of these people that took advantage of all of the material benefits of being human with human senses,


this is the norm for many people, there are of course people from third world countries that spend most of their time just surviving and there are people in war zones or terrorist zones that have a totally different view of relaxation,


some people read, some people play, some people socialize and some people study, it is all totally up to you what you do with the rest of your life.


When it comes to faith, there cannot be a more powerful tool in the quest for reality, faith has to be "lived" in order to really be called faith, just the word has little meaning, and just saying that you have faith carries little weight,


it is much more than a word, it is "knowing" something and that is what gives it its power when you know something beyond a shadow of a doubt, you have a certain type of power that is far beyond the senses,


now there are the religious posers that go to church and put on their appearances so that the others of their congregation will think that they are "spiritual" but they really don't believe, they are just caving to peer pressure or believing that they are covering their bases just in case God really is real,


I cannot speak bad of anyone that wants to believe but really needs proof before they go "all in" This is the true partition between science and religion, according to science having faith in God is the same as superstition or just high hopes,


but it really is no different than an unproven theory except it has a power behind it, when combined with sacrifice, it can move mountains.

Old Natural Science

Don't Discard Science


I may come off as someone that does not give much credibility to science, on the contrary, I am an electronics technician that has worked purely in the scientific field for the last 20 years and before that,


science was a hobby that was used to interface to my parapsychology interests, there are certain scientific theories that do not take into account the unexplained, these anomalies are usually just ignored until someone conveniently meshes it with quantum entanglement or some other high tech theory,


it is true that some of these conspiracy theorists go off the deep end with their descriptions of aliens hiding in the moon using mind control while feeding off of our negative thoughts, all the while, masking the moon from our view by an elaborate holographic system that hides what they are doing


....Really?...could you imagine the energy necessary to mask the entire moon while still reflecting enough light back to the earth to enable us to see? Would it not be easier and more energy efficient to just build under the moon's surface to avoid our detection?


And to pick on the more spiritual pioneers that endeavor to explain every unexplained thing on our planet by using remote viewers that peer into the distant past to explain the pyramids and Atlantis,


what is missed by these organizations is that everyone has psychic abilities, and even though these remote viewers are going into a project totally blind, it isn't realized that the people that invent these projects, the people that assign numbers to these projects and the people that are aware of what is going on in these projects,


have their own opinions as to the theories that may encompass some of these projects, all of these people have met each other, they may not tell what they are doing in a specific project, but they don't need to,


they can be projecting their own ideas and these "viewers" may just be picking up on their thoughts, which is nothing more than another example of quantum entanglement if you want to be scientific about it,


just as Cleve Baxter was able to show that plants could react to his emotions at a great distance, the same could be said about these viewers and their associates and employers,


they may not necessarily be remote viewers, but clairvoyants that are able to read the minds of their associates.


As for science and a belief in God, if the scientific community is willing to believe that prior to the "Big Bang" our entire universe comprised of hundreds of billions of galaxies, each containing a hundred billion stars was compressed into a single particle,


how far of a stretch can a belief in God be? This theory is quite a stretch, and when our universe is finished expanding it shall collapse back into its single particle,


I am more apt to believe that our universe was manifested from the ether or Dark matter or dark energy as science perceives it by the word or action of God or an omnipotent force, thinking that we have the answers for everything is an arrogant view considering the amounts of unknowns still out there,


do not get me wrong, science has answers for our material existence that have dispelled many a superstition, but it is not the final word, in reality, science is still in its infancy and should show a little humility when it comes to the unknown,


when magic starts to be reclassified as a sort of quantum entanglement, a new view of spiritualism shall evolve.


It isn't impossible to believe in science and still be spiritual, just being on this planet in a 3 dimensional existence, we are already limited by our senses, science has progressed so much in the last 200 years that comfort, education, and health are three of the biggest changes that have happened to humans,


it is true that there are still people living without electricity and food and good water is hard to come by, and still, religious freedom is suppressed in a few places, but I believe that it is up to all of us that have it good to share the blessings with the rest of the world,


this is happening slowly but surely, there are plenty of good organizations that help people around the world, and if you are unable to participate yourself in the changes for the good of humanity, hopefully, a monetary donation is possible instead,


all of these possibilities that science has presented to humanity to improve the way of life should not be exclusive to only those who can afford them, there should be a basic minimum for all of humanity and icing for the cake can be had by those exclusive few that hold a premium for the material luxuries of life.


I am in no way thinking of discarding science, but I also believe that science should not discard all of our spiritual aspects when it comes to esp and miracles and the unknown, these are considered types of pseudoscience,


there is as of yet no scientific method to exploring these things in great detail, the reason for this is simple, as it is well known in the scientific fields that experiments watched have  non-consistent results correlating with automated experiments,


this is because everything is connected, and when it comes to the unexplained phenomena it is even more so, the material scientists offer material prizes for proof of esp, what they really need to offer is something that doesn't benefit the psychic's physical senses, but benefits humanity,


by taking out the reward that is focused towards the false personality and shifting it towards the spiritual will give a more attractive incentive to our spiritual selves,


I believe that most miracles are of a selfless nature giving them a sort of divine power that cannot be purchased at any price, and until this fact is realized and thoroughly learned, the progress of science in the unknown so-called pseudo-sciences will continue to stagnate.


Why are you here? Why are you reading this? Is it because you are trying to break free from your materialistic shackles, or is it because you have been driven to seek answers to questions that you don't even know how to ask?


Is there more to life than what you have been doing and where you have been going? Taking the spiritual path is not always so much fun, mostly because being brought up in the 21st century, there are many material advantages to living the life that you now lead,


just take stock for a moment and realize what goodies and what technology that you use and then think of what you would do without them, some people cannot exist without their cell phone, when just 50 years ago we all had to do with just a home phone,


it is true that there are some great innovations in technology that can be considered very good, like the internet, but even that can have its addictions, social networks, abilities to buy whatever you crave at a moments notice, pornography, just to name a few,


but having the ability to find information without going to a library is awesome, air conditioning is great, electricity and indoor plumbing can't be dissed since it has made life more comfortable and has raised health standards.


Just try to not to watch a video or television or go to a movie for a week, I keep a cell phone in the car for emergency purposes, and it isn't unusual for me to not even turn it on for weeks at a time.


but this is just me, I have gone on strike against materialism and that is not such an easy task for an electronics technician, my life revolves around technology, it is my job to repair, build and invent material things,


but when I punch out, I unplug and go old school, I have to make a compromise between spirituality and my senses and what they crave, work in the yard is a good opportunity for me to meditate and reflect,


but this is not enough, since I am married, I must consider my wife's needs, and since she is not on the exact same path as I am, she will require more material satisfaction than I require, this is difficult and she is mostly at the mercy of my belief system of being non-material,


so I am not striving to make lots of money, but enough to exist well enough for me, fortunately, she has her small income coming in to relieve the economic pressure on her,


trying to base your life on work that benefits everyone and not just yourself is a challenge but it is do-able when there is an extreme lack of material aspirations in your life.

Ignorance is approaching

What do I Do?


Everyone is different, not everyone can follow the path to enlightenment the same way, as a devout Buddist may not have a home and lives off of the charity of others, this cannot be expected of everyone for obvious reasons,


just as we all cannot be ascetics because someone must do work in our societies to keep our civilizations progressing, there are a variety of castes or classes of people in our world that have different missions in life,


according to the positions that their souls are in from their various incarnations, they may be still rather young and a spiritual side has not developed to lead them in a direction other than materialism,


it isn't until near the end of their incarnations that urgency is felt that drives them towards a spiritual unification, this isn't to say that younger souls don't go to church, but that is mostly more introductory than a full-blown belief,


they are just getting a taste of the spiritualism that will be coming in future lives, training wheels of sorts that will prepare them for the future,


for the most part, the younger souls will be learning and making all of the money and the older souls will be doing the teaching and struggling to pay off all of the acquired karma of many lives previous.











Plague of False Personality


It is good that you have realized and are observing your duality, the continuous action of push and pull exercises your mind continuously when you have a bad thought or bad feeling, you should be immediately replacing it with some constructive thought or idea,


you are attempting to cut down the mighty redwood with a pocket knife, the process never ends and progress is slow, the removal of fuel from this dualistic fire is of great advantage to you at this point,


the materialistic tools are greatly used by false personality to keep its foothold on your ego, your vises and desires must continually decrease in order for there to be steady progress towards your goals,


false personality has a power of its own, so do not let down your guard for a minute, it uses your senses against you constantly, listening to violently charged music, action movies with their state of the art effects bring death to a whole new level,


buying that extra box of twinkies or whatever your comfort junk food may be, the smell of air fresheners and perfumes and whatever that less than a natural scent that attracts you,


not to mention whatever less than wholesome activities you desire to engage in is false personalities life.


This also brings us to everyone that you deal with as in friends, family, the media and work, after you have progressed to a point, you will notice this and it will even start to seem unreal as to how seemingly everyone is wrapped up in material life,


the confrontationally charged people overrun by emotions while watching a football game or really any competition based game, the preoccupations with money and power, even nice morally good people becoming emotionally charged by wrongs being done to other seemingly good people.


Be sure to not be dragged into other peoples false personality, and especially if your friends are not on the same path as you are, they will appear to gang up on these strange beliefs,


the gang mentality of false personality is able to see your threat and will act accordingly, be careful not to lose the precious ground that you have gained with your hard work, it is false personalities game to start an argument in order to drag you in to participate.


I do not intend for anyone to abandon their friends and family, false personality will always be there no matter what, but it is your free will to determine how much control you give it.


All of the bad things that people do on our planet stems from false personality and all of the good comes from our spiritual side, the wars and oppression, the greed and hunger for power undermines our race's progress towards a true civilization,


false personality has great power which comes from our senses and negative emotions, it cares only for the material side of existence, it truly is the root of all evil, our spiritual side harbors all of the wisdom and is immortal,


it will continue when our body dies and will inhabit another body along with false personality over and over again until enough is learned and balanced, the realization of this duality will give more power to your free will which will give you more tools to combat this foe and take back control,


this is not an easy task, and once it is realized the battle will continue regularly, your meditation times and your sleep cycles are your only rest, as this also depends on how much ground you surrender to your false side, there are many factors that fuel your false self, so be aware!


Duality has been noticed in our societies for ages, it is what has been blamed on evil, it can even be considered a metaphor for Satan, some people have very strong false personalities which manifest in the guise of evil,


they are what would be considered the anti-christ, they are the protectors of sense driven materialism, they strive on strife and war, hate, greed, and power, they are the ones that oppress and torture all in the name of religion in some cases,


they stir emotions in order to drag others to their level, there is no understanding or compassion and the seven deadly sins are their tools of choice, do not be fooled by their excuses and reasons for their actions,


at best they are a smokescreen to hide their true intentions, the spiritual tools of the 7 virtues are what are used to battle this and our Free Will and immortality are our motivating factors to get the job done,


there is immense power in the unconditional love that can transform our planet into something great that give us a position of respect in our Galaxy.


Our Duality has had its hands on the reins from the very beginning, when there happened to be an enlightened individual that had some divine guidance that was shared with humanity, be sure his false personality was looking over his or her shoulder and whispering in their ear helping to cloud the small rays of illumination,


injecting fear and superstition to confuse the facts, it has only been our intuitions that have allowed us to see past the veil and understand the truth of our existence


When we finally began to realize that we truly do have the power to control our actions as long as we are conscience towards our efforts, power and purpose began to shine through, our emotions became able to be controlled and our material desires started to lose their importance,


we realized that we are all in this together and all have this duality plaguing us, even the best of us with the most stable outlooks on life succumb to false personalities pressure after all the earth and our senses are its playground and tools,


it revels in enflaming emotions, and the small little vises and habits are its way of flexing its muscles, the scratching of an itch, the chewing of a fingernail is the staple of its hold on you, anything that you feel that you must do is its power, except we have all been given Free Will and free will is its biggest foe.


Our duality has been known of from the beginning, our ancient ancestors have always known of our animal side and the side that was from the unknown, it was imperative that we lived in our senses for the sake of survival,


it was only when fire was discovered and made available that we had spare time to reflect on our lives and what was about us, we started to venture within to discover that we were more than just animals surviving,


we began to notice that there was an intelligence to our world, how it was able to renew itself and provide for us, so we began to reflect, as time progressed we began to become more civilized and created religions to worship these natural wonders of life,


but now instead of fighting and killing for survival, we would fight and kill for our religions, our duality has taken control of the door leading to our spirituality and has changed the locks so to speak by inserting its dogma and superstitions to mankind's confusion,


you see, if we are peaceful and get along we won't use all of our sense driven emotions to stir things up, and false personality just won't have that,


that leaves it strictly to our free will to determine what we intend to believe and how we will continue in our lives associated with our religions.

How Can I Be Enlightened?


Being enlightened brings the visions of someone that has received all of the answers to the meaning of life, someone that has this auric halo about them and angels choir after every statement that they make,


this is not necessarily so, and actually, enlightenment is not always a complete done deal every time, there can be different levels of enlightenment that are subtle and don't actually open the heavens to you,


it seems that mostly it is an accumulative experience that has the ability to calm you or enable you to be less ruffled by things that would otherwise set off another person, meditation and study will always be a good path to follow,


it's a good sign if you become less interested in the material aspects of life and begin to embrace the spiritual ones more, there is no magic pill to make it all happen and drinking and smoking only gives more power to "false Personality"


though it appears to take you to an altered state, the use of marijuana may enable you to relax and let go somewhat but its continued use will only hamper your efforts and the use of psychedelics like DMT may be an eye-opener and give you a new perspective but it would still be best to attempt to attain this state naturally,


if you are religious, asking God for guidance in such matters is a wise move and if you are not a believer in any sort of deity, posing the question to your higher self during meditation is another path to follow,


the most important thing to remember is to not quit, enlightenment is not a passing fad, it must be pursued constantly to prove you are worthy of attaining it.


Also, to be sure, enlightenment should not be the primary mission here, it is like a watched pot that doesn't ever seem to boil, enlightenment as a goal can be fruitless,


whereas wisdom is a much better target to set your sights upon, learning things that you do not know and doing things that you haven't done before will get you the most bang for your buck,


it's one thing wanting to be like Buddha and it's another thing expecting to be like him, it is a great idea to use some of his practices and learn about his life and his enlightenment events to expand your knowledge,


there are many wise individuals from our history that have many enlightening things to say to us, they may not all pertain to our lives now, but that is for your intuition and discrimination to filter out,


eventually, you will gain the ability to be able to recognize the truth when you read or hear it, to be sure, the wisest and truthful things that you will ever realize will have very little to do with the senses and will have much to do with unconditional love,


virtuous efforts shall prove to be your main vehicle towards enlightenment.

Is Love an Emotion?


If love is not an emotion it should be, love can be very subtle, but its effects are the most powerful, penetrating and enduring things that can be attained, it is far-reaching and non-descript,


unconditional love is acceptable to everyone but practiced by very few, compassion and tolerance are attributes of love but still are not considered emotions for the most part as they can be actionable,


if it is something that can be recognized by the senses, chances are that it is not the love that we are speaking of here, loving ice cream is an enjoyment which is an emotion, but loving someone for who they are cannot enter any of those types of categories,


you can see a loving act and you can feel the love in your heart, love can be very broad and all-encompassing, it is what all creation was made from,


most emotions involve some sort of sense, fearing something, hating something, confusion, pity, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, trust all include specific things or circumstances, but love is more of a state of mind,


it is the original primal feeling, it truly should be the only emotion or at least the base component of all emotions, because then there would be no negative aspect of emotions,


trust would be a natural condition resulting from love instead of having to be proved by circumstances and hate and anger could not survive,


true unconditional love is beyond the material and beyond the senses and this is the direction that all of mankind should take.


Plato has stated that "Love is a Serious Mental Disease" this comes from a man that is renown for his mental clarity and logic, on the same note he has also said that "Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle",


This is a compassionate statement that has a ring of true love in it, Possibly the love of which Plato speaks has a bit of lust mixed inside, as the seven deadly sins have material rein,


for true love is always unconditional and will never put limitations on anyone for any reason, and also from a material point of view, love can also have an incompatibility due to the apparent weakness that may be exhibited in the heat of competition,


it can get in the way of greed and pride that does not like to give ground to love, the warm fuzzy feeling is probably why the question comes up "is love an emotion"


and the confusion of the senses where beauty may be compared to love or the sound of something or feel of something, the sound of someone you care for telling you that they love you, the love you feel in viewing a compassionate act,


the feeling a mother has when she holds her baby close, these are the natural feelings in those types of situations, but seeing yourself in all others no matter how they may be despised by others will test your true unconditional love to its emotional extent.

What Can I Do?


Do not fret, there are some simple things that you can do that will make your life worth living, if you are lost, wondering what to do with your life and for some reason, you have been brought to this site probably because you typed What Do I do into a search engine,


you have lucked out because your life can be exactly what you wish it to be, all you have to do is to begin living it with all of the passion you can muster and do what is most pleasing to you in your heart with maximum enjoyment and having no expectations other than living your passion,


this may sound too good to be true but it can most certainly happen if you are willing to believe it can to the point of losing all of your fear of failure and replacing your victim attitude with a victor attitude,


of course, pleasant, can-do thoughts are not enough in themselves to make this happen, a total lifestyle change will be in order to kindle this new fire in your life, the woes, and self-pity will be history as you transform yourself into what you really want,


you may be at a point in your life where you feel that everything is against you and nothing can help, many have been in this place in their lives, it is a proving ground for your soul, it has been what you needed until this point and now it is time to change,


all of these stressful situations have molded you into what you are at this moment and now is the time to take the reins back from fate and take control, change your defeatist attitude to a positive can-do attitude and proceed to change your life for the better,


don't let the stumbling blocks slow your progress but see them as insignificant delays that will soon pass, proceed on your mission to success and by keeping your head up and taking all of the hardships with a grain of salt,


soon thing will turn around, it's all attitude, and when your soul recognizes that you realize this, things will turn around and start to go your way almost as if by magic.

What is Enlightenment?


Considering what the definition of enlightenment is, it is a very limiting view of what is considered enlightening, some may think that just being kept abreast of a current situation is enlightenment,


where others think that it is much much more, knowing something that most people do not know is a part of it but it goes much deeper than what your senses may reveal to you,


true enlightenment is not of the senses but it requires the use of the senses in order to discover what is really going on, this is probably why meditation is such a popular vehicle to use to discover more of what doesn't involve the senses,


in addition to meditation, dreaming is another door to be entered on the way to enlightenment, during our dreams we download certain information each night to help our incarnated efforts,


for the most part, this information is of a more abstract nature and cannot be readily used by our physical selves and is decoded in our subconscious and kept behind the scenes,


but that doesn't stop us from programming ourselves to physically understand some dreams so they may be used in our waking physical lives, What is enlightenment?


It is the realization that we are immortal souls trapped in a physical body in order to learn the ropes of a crude 3-dimensional existence by the trial and error of a multitude of lives lived as men and women in all walks of life,


where we will have to determine what is right and what is wrong and to live the repercussions of our actions from the use of our free will,


to make this experience more of a challenge we are given a dualistic nature that pulls us in opposite directions, one is the physical, materialistic side and the other is the spiritual, divine side,


 a happy medium must be attained in order for there to be any sort of success, the differences between these two different sides are as night and day but they are so subtly entwined that there is no clear differences to be readily noticed,


Enlightenment will mostly come in spurts, small realizations that appear as an epiphany of sorts, it will not come in most cases as a "slam dunk" that answers all questions and may pose more questions than before,


in any case, a light will come on in your mind that will leave you at ease in a sort of way because of the realization of your ultimate immortality and the urgency of your new mission to spread this truth to as many others as possible.

Will the Truth Always Come Out?


Yes, the truth will always come out in the end, and it is best to reveal the truth yourself on your terms before it is thrust upon you at the most inconvenient of times,


using your Free Will to exhibit your fortitude and expose the truth can advance you in a multitude of ways, it can begin to offset some bad karma that may have been acquired and prevents it from being carried on to the next life,


if the truth is not exposed especially when it involves the lives of others it can set in motion some lessons that may be less than enjoyable but essentially necessary for your progress,


when the truth finally is revealed about any indiscretion that is not of your choice will be of the form that will teach the greatest lesson and possibly even life-changing,


it might even seem that it far exceeds the deception that was initially chosen but that is only because you may not be aware of the repercussions that were endured or even an additional balancing out of previous life actions,


these truths are concerning your life and not truths about other people as those truths will be their missions and will be their responsibilities to take care of,


in the case of you being wronged and wanting justice, the very act of being wronged by someone may well be a balancing out of a karmic debt from a previous life,


it is best to let this end as it may go from life to life as a tit for tat where after something happens to you that you feel was unfair or something that you feel that you must get even for had just been rectified,


but not realizing this you perpetuate the problem to be carried over to the next life, again and again, just let it go if there is an imbalance, it will be balanced out and justice will be served,


it is best to try to be concerned with your own misdirections and false statements and lies and set them straight before your life ends, otherwise, you will be back, and those lies will teach you an inevitably valuable lesson.

Does Reality Exist?


Do you exist? Do your parents exist? did they ever exist? We all are apparently living in a 3-dimensional existence physically, but that is just a physical reality, it is not our natural state that we normally exist in,


since we live together on earth we are subject to 3-dimensional laws physically, but when we dream or meditate we cease to be subject to all material laws and are able to perceive our actual reality,


it may seem to be a jumbled mess that is difficult to understand at best but with some practice and some perseverance, we can gain much insight,


our physical reality in which we exist right now is a construct of our own minds and is as real as we can think that it is, it is our soul's playground in which we try out new ideas and concepts in order to add more to "All that Is",


it is our mission of sorts as we are all just fragments of God or the Tao or a Cosmic intelligence or whatever you wish to think of it as, and we are all learning by trial and error, this is our physical reality,


and if we don't like it we can change it, we can change relationships, we can change jobs and we can change the way we live,


we should all be living in a reality that is what we want and what is exciting to us and should be pursuing it with all of our passion,


we need to form this camouflage we call reality into what we really want, if things are not what we expect them to be we have the power to change them,


we may think that we are at the mercy of what we perceive but that is not true and we can change any situation that we are in just by changing our beliefs and then acting upon those new beliefs,


there will always be a give and take and those beliefs that we wish to change and lessons to be learned because we are all doing this for a reason, it isn't happening by chance,


we have planned this specifically in order to learn something, our previous physical lives may have had a hand in setting the stage of the play we are involved in now and it is for each of us to realize what lessons are to be learned so we may continue on to the next adventure.

Is Enlightenment Evil?


This reminds me about how false personality may act if it is suspected that the true state of reality was to be discovered, it would do anything in its power to stop it, including an accusation of it being evil,


just as the liars accuse the truth tellers of lying and how they try to distract and deceive those that are about to discover their agendas, enlightenment is a threat to false personality,


when we become more enlightened, we are less dependent on our senses and have made the realization that our physical existences are nothing more than constructs of our souls,


to the spiritual ones of our planet, this is not of great concern as they are well aware and have a good control over their material selves,


enlightenment is the realization of being an immortal soul that is in training while inhabiting a physical human body, your physical self is usually not ready to buy this as it would diminish what the ego has materially,


the senses would have to be overcome or at least kept under control in order for any realization to be possible, the ego must be trained and it will feel that these attempts are evil every step of the way,


your physical, material self is dependent on the senses to tell it what is or is not real, if you happen to go to church where it is taught that there is an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful God,


this may be tolerated by your false personality because it knows that when you leave this church you will be coming back to its reality of the senses, something like God cannot be understood because it cannot be seen or heard or felt or smelled or tasted so it cannot exist,


and if your spiritual half or true self decides that it wishes to pursue things that are not of the senses, your physical , false personality will evoke emotions so that fear will lead you to the conclusion that enlightenment is evil,


meditation and prayer are modes to follow to take some power away from your material self, meditation in particular is supposed to not use any of the senses, this is what make it so dangerous to false personality,


your dualistic nature must be under some sort of control if you wish to pursue any sort of enlightenment, false personality may attempt to dilute your thoughts into making you believe that you are already enlightened,


this ploy is meant to get you to stop your attempts at enlightenment and just enjoy your physical life as it is, don't fall for this distraction, if you smoke or drink or do any of the unwholesome things that people do because it feels good,


you are not enlightened, your false personality has control over your ego and uses your arrogance to fool you into believing so, another tell is if you don't have predominately virtuous thoughts,


being in a power mode driven by greed also is not very spiritual, other self evident feelings that are less than wholesome will also give this away, ultimately it is for you to determine what is evil.


enlightenment will then surpass your religion and you will then understand why there are any religions to begin with,


enlightenment is an ongoing process that continues until your physical body dies and then will start again in a couple of hundred years if you have not completed the lessons required of you yet.

Is Truth Relative?


The relativity of truth is always from the teller, this is the view told for a variety of reasons, when certain perceptions are realized, they always differ in some way from anyone else, and there is always motives and agendas to take into consideration,


when any particular truth involves our material existence, there is a possibility for there to be some sort of proof to be obtained, this also may be skewed by particular beliefs along with specific agendas, then there are intentional distractions introduced to cloud actual truth from being realized,


subjects will be changed and priorities will be skewed in order for agendas to become seemingly valid, something shocking presented out of context will provide the smokescreen necessary for a greater truth to be obscured,


keywords and confusing phrases will be used to manipulate thought processes to bend the will of others towards beliefs that actually do not exist or at least not in the way that they think,


there is a way to better depend on your relative truth so as to be able to count on it as being more objective, this is done by observation, and this observation must start with yourself, this is sometimes the hardest truth to swallow,


and when these sorts of truths are realized for what they really are, they can become the cornerstone of concrete, unbiased observations that will free you from emotionally driven notions, the most important and sometimes the most difficult part of doing this is the ability to be completely open with yourself,


you have to be able to literally pick apart every thought and idea you have as to their reasons and motives, you must essentially create another self that only strictly observes, there is no bias or preconceived notions, only raw facts,


when ideas are presented to you in this fashion, the probability is high that it can be trusted as truth, your own biases and your own physical desires can be your biggest opponent towards finding truth when you seek it.

Will Reality End?


This will depend upon what your definition of reality actually is to begin with, if you mean your and everything’s actual existence somehow discontinuing, then this is a distinct possibility because as it is perceived by our physical senses, it is nothing but some fabricated illusion,


if your perception of reality is all about what is actually behind the curtain, then, not so much, a belief that reality consists of what our physical senses present to us leaves us very few options when we grow old and die,


this particular belief will be created by us when we die and will be experienced as the nothingness that we expect, at least for some point making period, every time we die (and I say this with the belief of reincarnation) we come to a reality that we (our souls) continue to exist,


many of us have no idea of this until our physical lives come to an end, and then is when our true reality continues, because this would be our normal state, the state that we always return to,


then is when we come to the realization that our physical life was just a game or a learning experience for the soul and we will have to return for some more training and some more experiences, the illusion begins again,


it is very unlikely that we will be born and live our life from the start knowing that we are an immortal soul that is fabricating the physical reality that we are currently experiencing unless it happens to be our last incarnation on this planet,


either way it will be plainly apparent when our physical life on this planet ends, for those of you that have no belief in any afterlife and are totally immersed in their physical experiences, reality will seemingly end upon their death,


since there is no definitive proof of otherwise, arguments about the subject are futile, for those that believe in an afterlife, they will soon be experiencing their true reality upon their physical deaths, all of our souls are part of the universal consciousness which have been around long before the formation of our solar system,


all that we perceive is of our own creation and it is not even considered our true reality, so, I would have to say no to our reality ending, it just seemingly changes from time to time.

Truth about Reincarnation


This is not going to be something that will tell you all that you need to know about your previous lives, you have indeed had previous lives before and considering that you have found your way to this site, you are probably past 100 lives on this planet because you would not have such an interest normally in such things early on in your lives,


you have probably been men and women of different faiths and cultures that more than likely have acquired some sort of karma based on certain decisions you have made, reincarnation is the learning process for our souls,


it uses individual lives to make mistakes and then to come back and learn why they were mistakes, the seemingly unfair part of this whole ordeal is that your physical self never seems to remember what has happened in previous lives,


it seems ironic that everything that we do is a learning experience for the soul but it is only the bad things that seem to attain karma, if someone was to never sin in any of their lives, they would have a short stay on this planet, probably about 35 lives,


those 35 lives would still have something to teach our souls, so there would indeed still be lessons to learn even if we did not sin, and one of those lessons would have to be the realization of our soul and that we reincarnate,


this process has been going on for as long as you have been here, there is no right or wrong way to act, our lives have no set parameters to follow, they are subject to our senses and emotions and how we use them and how we allow to be used by them,


reincarnation is a intragal part of this 3-dimensional existence that we are living, it is how we are able to know what it is like to be a human, we use our senses and emotions to navigate through our lives and how we confront and deal with other souls on the same journey,


we all do this to evolve and to add our accumulated knowledge to "all that is" or the universal consciousness or otherwise known as God, this is not our first rodeo,


our souls have done this on other planets as other beings or creatures for the same exact reasons, this is what an immortal, multidimensional soul does when time has no actual meaning to them.




Reality Enlightenment Truth



     This is the name of a few sites located around here, these names were chosen because they came to mind when I had my enlightening experience around 26 January 2018, they seemed to be relevant words used to describe what was of greatest importance to me at the time,


most people base reality upon what they feel using their physical senses, this is usually enhanced by emotions that have the ability to further distort true reality, enlightenment comes in many flavors but much enlightenment is able to divulge a lot of true reality to just a seemingly casual observer,


and truth, is the subjective camouflage that distorts the difference between the spiritual and the physically material, spiritual truth is about as objective as you can get, it is the final word as to the way that things truly are,


this is where reality comes in, what most of us consider reality is only an illusion that our souls have created for training purposes, our physical selves experience this 3-dimensional existence as the avatar that our soul uses for this specific purpose,


the soul strives to learn all that it can, and the human experience is just a small part of its learning process, this environment of physical senses and emotions are quite unique and our bodies are necessary vehicles needed for this experience to be as unique as possible,


through a series of lives, the soul learns what it is like to be men and women of various races and a variety of beliefs and social standings, eventually, our physical selves shall make the realization that there is much more than just what our physical senses present to us,


and then we are enlightened to our true reality, this signals the beginning of the end of our incarnations on earth, this means that it is time to tell as many others as possible about what we now perceive,


we usually will not start families because we know that offspring do not carry on our lives, we know that we are already immortal, multidimensional entities, we just need to let others in on our true reality.




Is AI True?


     True in the sense that it exists or true in the sense that the information it spreads can be trusted? Sure it exists as surely as the word program that I use to write this article, is it what meets the eye or is it too good to be true?


AI is a product of man, it has been around for over a decade but only recently it has been getting some extra hype because there have been some companies created to make it more than it seems,


it is a common but limited part of google maps and google earth, it has the ability to compile data and intuitively help you find what you are looking for, when it comes to known data, it cannot be matched for accuracy and speed but when it comes to facts, it greatly depends on what its creator has programmed and what algorithms it uses to determine what is true or not,


popular opinion is not always necessarily the truth, the opinions of certain groups will most certainly differ from the opinions of other groups, in a lot of human cases, truth is a subjective experience and since AI's cannot have subjective experiences like humans have, their opinions have even less relevance than just what another human has,


AI's have been created to make the companies that they have been created from more money by either creating a service or by leading a potential customer to a product from one of their paid advertisers,


they have not been created out of the goodness of anyone's heart, there is always an agenda, and it's creator would be the best one to know about it, even if it seems to be innocent enough, some creator's pride may compel them to create an AI that strives to simulate what its definition of what sentience is,


since an AI cannot feel emotions or have truly subjective experiences that involve physical human senses, they can only compile and compare data that they acquire or have access to,


as for believing what they say, I might trust some directions given by them or even some financial advice that they provide, but I would never trust an opinion about spiritual or religious ideals because it would be no different than a compilation of opinions of humans from a belief of any particular faith.



Truth, Evidence and Paranoia


Here is a trifecta of terms that has the ability to bring light or darkness to any idea, motive or agenda, your emotions have the ability to dissect truth from evidence, paranoia is the mode in which this is possible,


people that give their pride more attention than the disbursement of truth, and evidence is an inconvenient obstacle to them, being able to believe what it is that they want to hear, so now enters paranoia,


its accomplice, conspiracy, is the instigator by which paranoia gets it power, it is difficult for truth to get a foot hold when there are barricades of unprovable theories totally void of any sort of evidence,


this is the distorted beauty of this mode of beliefs, fear of the unknown creates paranoia and conspiracies bring it home to roost in the illogical reason of a disturbed mind,


it seems to be much easier to believe in something that can't be proven or has the ability to confuse to the point of giving up all logic and reason to latch on to some emotion that reels in the senses to assist in the madness,


it is much easier to believe a lie when your pride will be spared the embarrassment of being found wrong, the people that are most vulnerable to this means of madness are those that are really out of touch with their true selves,


they are unable to face that which are the flaws of their own character and so they blame this disorientation on some mysterious fabrication so as to disguise their own shortcomings,


once they are able to accept what it is that is flawed in their own life and begin to change their character, they will then have the ability to face their own humility and then see the truth through evidence and forgo the paranoia,


this all stems from a form of superstition that gives undue power to someone's pride, this is a perilous path to follow as it shall attract more of the same into someone's life when they choose to embrace this form of nonsense,


it can only be hoped that some form of enlightenment shall show these afflicted individuals the light of truth by accepting the evidence that is provided before this deluded deception ripens as a solid belief,


in many cases these sorts of beliefs are the result of believing someone else’s opinions as fact and after it may believed that you are in error, the pride of the ego finds it is much easier to believe anything other than the truth,


usually, at this point it is exceedingly difficult to snap out of this funk and the lessons to be learned may spill to successive lifetimes.